Tuesday, October 19, 2010

30 Before 30

At the start of the month, I had make a 30 before 30 list; a list of 30 items to be accomplish before I reach 30. Yes folks, I'm 29 years old today. I debated against publishing the list, but what the heck, it might give more motivation to complete them. The list is nothing outrageous like dyeing my hair blue (dark red kinda cool though) or sky-diving (though this can be included in my bucket list) or swimming with the dolphins (this almost be included in the list if not for the fact, it only available in Sabah or other far out places). So, it's just a list of achievable things that I want to accomplish next year (like new year resolution but so much different) and I think it completely covers things that matter; health, family, money and time management, entertainment, mental and spiritual.

  1. Get a job or some kind of money inducing job(done!)
  2. Set up Fatin's insurance (if no 1 works out)
  3. Set up Fatin's education investment / bank account(I think still need to setup something for the occasional money that she got, maybe ASB or something)
  4. Clean & organize the work/store roomI did it! But then, we're moved
  5. Sold / recycle some of our unused stuff (after no. 4 is done) Mostly it's thrown away :(
  6. Pay half of my credit card (if no 1 works out)Done! Now for whole by end of this year.
  7. Lose 8 kgs
  8. Go for a run / aerobic at least once a week
  9. Cook dinner at least 4 nights per week
  10. Take one picture of Fatin per week
  11. Sew a dress for Fatin
  12. Finally get the Nikkon 50mm f/1.8D lense
  13. Rethink, revamp the blog
  14. Travel (if no 1 works out)We went to Europe!
  15. Fix the coffee maker and hot water flask
  16. Put up shelves in the kitchen (ask hubby to help)We moved!
  17. Hang up pictures throughout the house. We moved! and need to be done on the new house
  18. Finish organizing the clothes closet
  19. Organize and back-up pictures in hard drive
  20. Learn one technique of DSLR photography per month. Partly done.
  21. Learn to drive again
  22. Write a story
  23. Bring Fatin to Aquaria
  24. Compile favorite recipes probably using Evernote since I’m going to cook dinner frequently
  25. Organize birthday party for hubbyNot done but not want this anymore
  26. Visit the Morrocan Pavillion in Taman Botani (buy tickets at info center)
  27. Day trip to Bukit Malawati, Kuala Selangor
  28. Finish reading a classic novel (maybe Tolstoy/Austen)
  29. Donate to WWF and HadiHe's done with his trip hehehe
  30. **secret  item**
Come and join me doing the list and achieving them. It can be 31 before 31 or 40 before 40 or anything you wish. I've added a button on the left for quick link.

P.S: Picture is from a friend called Da'a of Happy Resolution; his amazing photography but unupdated blog. (Da'a, I borrow your picture, if you want me to remove, shoot a comment, ya!). 


talk2ha said...

list ko buat aku teringat psl list aku kene buat sbb nk pindah rumah.. aku dh update dh..

i'm happy to join u make ur resolution happen.. so do call me if anything.. kalo aku x bz.. insya-Allah aku suka je nk join..

zue said...

aku suka no. 23...jom bila bila kita wat outing..haha and probably no. 9..aku dtg umah okeh..haha

Junn said...

Ha: ko ajar aku driving la, ok? hehehe
zubec: tu la... aku tak penah pegi aquaria langsung walaupun opis dulu sebelah aquaria je.. sedey tak?
yg no. 9 tu utk kitaorg mkn je.. weekend tak masuk.. hahaha

zue said...

haha..boleh laa tuk extended friend maa..


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