Monday, December 26, 2011

No movies to watch? 100 of them

Here I were searching the net for Great Movies of All Times. Why I suddenly want to watch this bunch of movies (100) actually, I needn't tell you but maybe I can put this as my next year list. I've been meaning to update that soon.

Here is 100 great movies of all time according to Yahoo!. Rotten tomatoes are rotten and biased in my opinion.

  1. 12 Angry Men
  2. 2001: A Space Odyssey
  3. The 400 Blows
  4. 8 1/2
  5. The African Queen
  6. Alien (I hate this kind of movie)---skipped
  7. All About Eve
  8. Annie Hall
  9. Apocalypse Now
  10. The Battle of Algiers
  11. The Bicycle Thief
  12. Blade Runner
  13. Blazing Saddles
  14. Blow up
  15. Blue Velvet
  16. Bonnie and Clyde
  17. Breathless
  18. The Bridge on the River Kwai
  19. Bringing up Baby
  20. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
  21. Casablanca -- Done
  22. Chinatown
  23. Citizen Kane
  24. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon -- Done. Update: First China movie to breakthrough hollywood/world?
  25. Die Hard -- Done
  26. Do the Right Thing
  27. Double Indemnity
  28. Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learn to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb
  29. Duck Soup
  30. ET -- Done
  31. Enter the Dragon
  32. The Exorcist -- Done and never again (I easily frighten)
  33. Fast Time at Ridgemont High
  34. The French Connection
  35. The Godfather -- Done
  36. The Godfather, Part II -- Done
  37. Goldfinger
  38. The Good, the Bad, the Ugly
  39. Goodfellas
  40. The Graduate - Update Done: The start of older women, younger men affairs?
  41. Grand Ilusion
  42. Groundhog Day
  43. A Hard Day's Night
  44. In the mood for Love
  45. It happen One Night
  46. It's a Wonderful Life
  47. Jaws -- Done
  48. King Kong -- Done and the remake too
  49. The Lady Eve
  50. Lawrence of Arabia
  51. Lord of the Rings -- Done
  52. M
  53. M*A*S*H
  54. The Maltese Falcon
  55. The Matrix -- Done
  56. Modern Times
  57. Monty Python and the Holy Grail
  58. National Lampoon Animals House
  59. Network
  60. Nosferatu
  61. On the Water Front
  62. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
  63. Paths of Glory
  64. Princess Mononoke
  65. Psycho
  66. Pulp Fiction
  67. Raging Bull
  68. Raiders of the Lost Ark
  69. Raise the Red Lantern
  70. Rashomon
  71. Rear Window
  72. Rebel Without a Cause
  73. Rocky -- Done
  74. Roman Holiday
  75. Saving Private Ryan -- Done
  76. Schindler's List
  77. The Searches
  78. Seven Samurai
  79. The Shawshank Redemption -- Done
  80. The Silence of the Lambs -- Done
  81. Singin' in The Rain
  82. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
  83. Some Like It Hot
  84. The Sound of Music -- Done
  85. Star Wars -- Done
  86. Sunset Boulevard
  87. Terminator 2: Judgement Day -- Done
  88. The Third Man
  89. This is Spinal Tap
  90. Titanic -- Done
  91. To Kill A Mocking Bird -- The book put me to sleep, I wonder whether I can survive this
  92. Toy Story
  93. The Usual Suspects
  94. Vertigo
  95. When Harry Meet Sally
  96. Wild Strawberries
  97. Wings of Desire
  98. The Wizard of Oz
  99. Women on the Verge of Nervous Breakdown
  100. The World of Apu
As you can see, I have a lot to go. But I wonder also story like Gone With the Wind or Room with A View are not included. I rather watch that :)))

Friday, November 4, 2011

Result 30 before 30 list

My birthday come and go. And you can see there is the list, a lot there that are not done. I create the list before I got a job and then, the job thing happen and I seems to have less time, and we moved and we go travel and some of the things in the list is not relevant anymore. But this is good though for me, so, I'll be creating a new list for 31st year and let's see how that goes (hopefully better). I should put the "proofs" but there only "before" pictures with no "after" pictures and some pictures is so dark (Aquaria). Forget that then :)

  1. Get a job or some kind of money inducing job(done!)
  2. Set up Fatin's insurance (if no 1 works out)
  3. Set up Fatin's education investment / bank account(I think still need to setup something for the occasional money that she got, maybe ASB or something)
  4. Clean & organize the work/store roomI did it! But then, we're moved
  5. Sold / recycle some of our unused stuff (after no. 4 is done) Mostly it's thrown away :(
  6. Pay half of my credit card (if no 1 works out)Done! Now for whole by end of this year.
  7. Lose 8 kgs
  8. Go for a run / aerobic at least once a week
  9. Cook dinner at least 4 nights per week
  10. Take one picture of Fatin per week
  11. Sew a dress for Fatin
  12. Finally get the Nikkon 50mm f/1.8D lense
  13. Rethink, revamp the blog
  14. Travel (if no 1 works out)We went to Europe!
  15. Fix the coffee maker and hot water flask
  16. Put up shelves in the kitchen (ask hubby to help)We moved!
  17. Hang up pictures throughout the house. We moved! and need to be done on the new house
  18. Finish organizing the clothes closet
  19. Organize and back-up pictures in hard drive
  20. Learn one technique of DSLR photography per month. Partly done.
  21. Learn to drive again
  22. Write a story
  23. Bring Fatin to Aquaria
  24. Compile favorite recipes probably using Evernote since I’m going to cook dinner frequently
  25. Organize birthday party for hubbyNot done but not want this anymore
  26. Visit the Morrocan Pavillion in Taman Botani (buy tickets at info center)
  27. Day trip to Bukit Malawati, Kuala Selangor
  28. Finish reading a classic novel (maybe Tolstoy/Austen)
  29. Donate to WWF and HadiHe's done with his trip hehehe
  30. **secret  item**

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Moving List

We're spending every weekend this month, packing for house move which will happen this Saturday. There are still a bunch of things need to be done and I haven't taken any pictures lately (my phone pictures sucks). Anyway, here goes:

  • Call people to take down air-cond and water heater.
  • Call people to get the previous house clean.
  • Schedule for satellite TV to moved.
  • Schedule cleaners to get the present house cleaned.
  • Go to Telekom to get broadband and telephone moved.
  • Find the keys to the new house!
  • Packed everything.
  • Call people to get the recycle stuff.
  • Send old clothes for donations.
  • Defrost and clean the refrigerator.
  • Schedule lorry to pick everything up.
  • Wrap large, breakables things.
  • Packed separate bags of a few days survival things. :)
  • Have mails forwarded to new house.

I loved to do more like fixing the current house, get a new gate, changed locks, install alarm and smoke detectors but we are moving the same day that they moved out, so this got to wait.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Top Ten Things in My World

I thought I told friends some things but actually, I don't and sometimes I thought I haven't told but actually I had told? Anyway, here are top ten in my world right now. Somehow, blog had become the place where we read updates on friends lately :(

  1. The office room aka the computer room's light is not working, so I'm writing this is the dark. Sometimes I wonder, how I survived this long without using spectacles.
  2. I had taken an exam for Citrix CCA which I failed badly. I mean, not even "on the border, badly", badly. It is expected (by me at least) since there is not enough study going on and not much cheat in the Internet!. Planning for retake but that have to take some time yet.
  3. Next month is our department audit, which I hear that I will not be one of the person being audit (Yey!) but most probably the will have to supply some data for the auditors (Boo!).
  4. We're going to move to a new house in PJ by latest end of July. I hope the moving will be a few more days before Ramadhan or we're doom.
  5. We had yet started packing our stuff.
  6.  I'm so looking forward for our end of the year trip! Still haven't finish planning but I had update some at the other blog. The final itinery is KL->Berlin, Germany->Poznan, Poland->back to Berlin, Germany->Paris, France->London, UK->back to Paris, France.It'll be on August during Ramadhan and Eid. Crazy, I know.
  7. Fatin sometimes had talk in sentence such as, "Mama, come, sit down" which thrills me because I think the talking development is quite late.
  8. While leaving her at my mother's place one day because we have a company event, my mother cut Fatin's hair which never been cut since Akikah, three months after her birth! Cute actually, and I hope to post that picture.
  9. I need to teach my friend to make chocolates soon! before moving.
  10. There will be corporate restructuring which combines several groups that do the same thing together. My team and my husband's team most likely will be combined. Someone please says "Conflict of Interest".
That's it, will bring more updates soon! And also, looks like I'm failing my list in so many ways. How about you? Have you also falls out of the face of the earth and sometimes arise in facebook but I didn't catch it? Tell me some.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Need more time!

1 week before exam.
1 month before office audit.
2 months before moving.
3 months before holiday trips.

And I just got a letter from tax man that I owned them some money from 2007!


Sunday, March 27, 2011

15 minutes for an easier day

Image from free image.

I see my last post and it's on 16th November. Yikes! We're fine. We're still living at the same place, working at the same office and reading blogs at least once a week but not updating own blog. It's not that I'm not inspire to blog, it's just there is higher priority of things to be done. Where is all the time go? I feel tired at night and the only thing that can be done is to eat dinner and went to sleep. I need to Simplified my day next week by doing this:

Spend 15 minutes preparing the night before for the day ahead.

It's nothing new, just lost and hopefully easy to re-enable. It's just 15 minutes, right? If you also feel up to the 15 minutes challenge, Simple Kids have a bunch more.

***I have a bunch other things to update like how my 30 before 30 list is progressing, but that have to be wait for later as we're going out!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

First day at Taska

As I'm now working, we opted to send Fatin to a taska rather than babysitter or maid. This matter is subjective and it just our reason. You can feel differently on this subject which is okay also. Your child is Your child. The guide is for child around 2 years old and not including the one that provided only daycare (Pusat Jagaan).
Our reasons are:

  • We want her to learn something which only some babysitter do. Though at her age is more on learning through playing, at least taska had more toys and the owner and/or teacher had gone to courses on child caring/education.
  • She already old enough to be left with stranger or school type of environment. She can express her feeling if something is wrong.
  • We don't know any babysitter that we trust.
  • We want to develop her social skills as previously, she didn't played with her peers that much.
  • We don't want to burden any of our parents with the taking care part. We want them free to do their own work although we had offers from both sides.
  • We don't want our child to speak Indon :D
We had done the searching the hard way actually, by driving around the neighbourhood. I will list down the better way for any of you that are looking.

The better methods:
  • Identify the area where you want to send your child. Consider also the operational hour of the Taska and your working hour. For example, the earliest time that you can send your child from most of the Taska is 6.30am to 7am and the latest time to pick-up your child before getting overtime charge is usually around 6pm to 7pm. So, if you go out from home at 6am and you want to send your child near your home, it will not be possible. So, you'll have to find the Taska near to your office or on the way to your office. Since I'll be working shifts, Fatin was send to a taska near the office, where we drop her first and drive another 15 minutes (due to traffic jam) to the office.
  • Find the list of registered taska from Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat (JKM) like in here for Taska or in here for Pusat Jagaan. For children under 4, we send her to Taska which is observed by JKM while the older children 4 and above, are put in Tadika which is observed by Education Ministry. Both should be registered under the respective agency. However, there are some Tadika, that provide day care for small children which I don't know whether they falls under Tadika or Taska. I rather that they be separated to lessen the chances of my child being bullied.
  • Search through Internet for the contact number for the Taska in your chosen area. Don't be surprised that most of the Taska had zero Internet present and you might not find the number. You can try telekom directory 103 and get the number if you're lucky enough.
  • Arrange an appointment to see the Taska.
  • Drive around the area if you want more choices (the one that are not registered with JKM).
  • Get the numbers from their signboard and you can get number of the registered taska also. Make appointment or if they're opened at the time of your visits, you can just have a look around.
  • See the taska and make your choice!

During my research I found that:

  • Most taska have zero Internet present (this includes comments from other parents, website of their place, contact information).
  • Most of them are not registered. In the area that I planned to send Fatin (Kota Damansara), only two are registered but they have like maybe around 20+ at the area. We didn't go to Mutiara Damansara or some other near places because short of time.
  • Most of them didn't put out (pamer) their license although I'm sure most of them had it.
  • Most of the teacher didn't go to any courses.
  • Most of the taska didn't have rough lesson plan especially for under 2 (it's called daycare meaning, they only look after your child). Although, you can't expect learning like spelling or reading for below 3, they must have some sort of plan like play with blocks, story telling, flash card session, singing or outdoor play on the playground.
Besides area and operation hour, we also considered these factors during our search:
  • Whether the taska is handle by muslims because this will determine the kind of teaching your child will receive and whether they being serve halal food.
  • Whether the taska was registered with JKM. All Taska and Pusat Jagaan must be registered with JKM or will be executed within 6 months of non-complying. You will find that the registered taska is more organized, safe and better care due to strict guidelines from JKM. JKM do send people for inspection from time to time.
  • All the other factor is actually already covered under JKM guidelines but I just list down one that we took note. The number of children versus the caretaker. For under 2 is 1:10 while for under 1 is 1:5 if I'm not mistaken. Of course, the lesser children is better.
  • Handling of children. Whether the teacher and director looks kind and helpful. Whether they handle the child kindly. Whether the children look happy there. Whether there is any kind of improvement from your child (if you know other parents that send in the same place).
  • Safety. Is there emergency stairs from upper half of the house. Whether the door is locked at all times. Whether there is safety gate to areas such as kitchen. Whether the toys or playground is safe. They should passed inspection from fire brigade and police as stated in rules for registering taska in here.
  • Health. Whether the place (indoor and outdoor) looks clean. Whether they have proper food handling. Whether the assigned cook that had been inject with TY2 injection (the same vaccine as food handlers that opened food stalls and restaurants). Even better, if they had been to Food Handling course. Whether your child share food with other children (eat together in same plates). This is to lessen the risk of disease spreading.
  • Have valid company license, of course.
  • Have proper lesson plan, menu and activity with parents (I'm not sure whether the last means communication book with parents or the actual activity such as outing with parents).
  • Here are some other people writing on their criteria of choosing preschool or taska. See here, here and here.
So, after all the tips and criteria, the taska that we choose is this:

We didn't do a test run like stay at the taska for one day. It's cold turkey, send and left. Fatin's first day, she cried for awhile (not so long said the teacher) and then, she was alright and happily playing. Then, when we pick her up in the evening, she so happy playing that she don't want to go home!

This picture was taken when we pick her up that evening with one of her teacher. Looks happy, ya? She make Mickey Mouse toy as her own toy that day. We had to bring it back and she sleep with Mickey that day (she's in Mickey's obsessed mode). She cried lesser and lesser every time we send her off. A few days ago, she stop crying altogether and even held out her hand to be held by her teacher. Looks like they're doing a good job with her.

However, just one week after we sent her, she got a fever which might also due to the weather changes or getting it from other child. Very long recovery (about a week with very high temperature also). Their comments on Fatin is that she is very manja and the hands and feet always used for shoving other kids during sleeping or playing hahaha jadi tukang buli sebenarnya ni. But, they say she didn't meragam tak tentu pasal. Aik, different from home la. I didn't see any improvement yet in social behaviour like playing with other children or attachment with me. Though, she can now identify picture of cow, her shoes, say nenny (nenek) and say and point that she poo poo (poop).

All in all, I'm satisfied with her taska although now feels like it was a bit far from office larrrr...


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